Children’s Advocate lauds St John’s Volunteers of Hope Initiative

Children’s Advocate, Diahann Gordon Harrison has lauded St John Ambulance Association of Jamaica for its Volunteers of Hope initiative which seeks to develop a corps of caring and sensitive volunteers committed to helping orphans, vulnerable children (OVC) and their families impacted by HIV AIDs by providing psychosocial and educational support.

This is part of a multimillion dollar project funded by USAID and managed by World Learning, through which three NGO’s received funds to support a four (4) month project to positively impact OVC and their families in various parishes. Some of the project activities were: (i) strengthening families as primary caregivers of children; (ii) strengthening systems to support improved linkages, both at the community and national levels; and (iii) increasing access to OVC essential services, including education and health care.

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