• EDUCATION & PLAY: All children have the right to an education. (Article 28)
  • EDUCATION & PLAY: All children have the right to relax and play. (Article 31)
  • FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: Children have the right to practice their own religion and use their own language. (Article 30)
  • NURTURE: All organizations concerned with children should work in the child's best interest. (Article 3)
  • NURTURE: Children have a right to stay in contact with both parents. (Article 9)
  • NURTURE: Children should not be separated from their parents. (Article 9)
  • PARTICIPATION: All children have a right to say what they think through speaking, writing & drawing. (Article 13)
  • PARTICIPATION: All children have the right to information. (Article 17)
  • PROTECTION: All children should be protected from violence, abuse and neglect. (Article 19)
  • PROTECTION: Nobody can do anything to your body that you do not want them to do. (Article 34)
  • REHABILITATION & CARE: Children who have suffered have a right to get help in a safe place. (Article 39)
  • SURVIVAL & DEVELOPMENT: All children have the right to a decent standard of living. (Article 27)
  • SURVIVAL & DEVELOPMENT: Children who are disabled have a right to special care and education. (Article 23)
  • SURVIVAL & DEVELOPMENT: Every child has the right to life. (Article 6)

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child protects you and all children around the world from discrimination, neglect and abuse.  The Convention is a useful tool for Governments, civil society and individuals working to protect and promote children’s rights across the globe.

In Jamaica, we have the Child Care and Protection Act (2004). This piece of legislation was passed by the Houses of Parliament on March 26, 2004. The CCPA is Jamaica’s legislative commitment to all children in safeguarding their rights and best interests.

Jamaica’s motto: Out of many one people, aptly describes our country. At some point in our lives we will interact with persons from backgrounds different from our own. Just because someone looks or talks differently from us, that doesn’t mean they are any less human than we are.

Here are a few tips that you as a child can use to help you become more loving and tolerant to others.





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