Diahann Gordon Harrison (Mrs.)
Mrs. Diahann Gordon Harrison is an Attorney-at-Law by profession who strives for professionalism at all times and believes that in all situations people should give of their all.

She brings this work ethic to her post as the Children’s Advocate of Jamaica, a role which she assumed in January 2012 following upon her appointment to this position by His Excellency Sir Patrick Allen, Governor General of Jamaica.

Before assuming this role, Mrs. Gordon Harrison served as a Deputy Director of Director of Public Prosecutions within the Office of The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Both these posts underscore the fact that throughout Mrs. Gordon Harrison’s professional life, she has been championing the cause of others and seeking to preserve their entitlement(s) through her advocacy.

While at the Office ofThe DPP this advocacy was channeled through the courts and in the capacity as Children’s Advocate, while this advocacy includes the courts, it also extends to persons on a wider scale and encapsulates a wide range of issues.

The Children’s Advocate embraces her role and has pledged her time and her energies to improving the lot of all children in Jamaica.

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